Cookie policy

What are cookies? 

A cookie is a small file placed onto your computer or another device that gathers information about your browsing activities. Cookies are needed to access certain contents and services and to make browsing easier and more convenient for users. 

Cookies do not damage your devices and activating them makes it possible to identify and resolve any possible errors. 

You need not activate cookies to browse our website, but if you do not activate them, this may have a negative effect on your experience and certain aspects of the site may not work properly (for example, you will not be able to access your registered profile, register or request an appointment or use any functions related to your user session).

Remember that you may block, restrict or delete cookies from our website at any time. We explain how at the end of this text. 

Which cookies does this website use? 

Please note that the Lucciano Rivieri website uses its own session and temporary cookies. 

Session cookies gather data while the user is browsing. Different session cookies serve different purposes: 

− Technical cookies: These enable users to browse the website and to use the different services and functions we offer you (for example: access to your registered profile, to request an appointment on-line, etc.).

− Personalization cookies: These give you access to services according to the characteristics of your user profile and to a series of specific criteria (such as language, the country where you are located, etc.). Please remember that your personal details will not be stored under any circumstances.
− Analytics cookies: Analytics cookies collect information which is used to track and analyze how visitors accessing our website behave. This is then used to optimize website content and to make it easier for all our visitors to use. 

Meanwhile, temporary cookies store certain information for a limited time, to make the browsing experience simpler. 

Why do we use cookies on this website?

The information stored in cookies from this website will be used only for statistical purposes and to give you access to all the contents and functions we offer you. They also improve and optimize our website for all our users. 

Who uses the information collected by cookies? 

The information collected and saved during your session will be used in accordance with the above paragraph, exclusively by Grupo Noiva – Ferreira de Melo & Cª Lda.

You are also informed that the data collected during your session will be stored by Google using Google Analytics for the sole purpose of obtaining statistical data that will enable us to constantly improve the Lucciano Rivieri website. 

How can I disable cookies? 

If you wish to restrict, block or disable cookies from the Lucciano Rivieri website in your browser, you can do so by going to: Extras> Internet Options> Privacy (Internet Explorer) or Settings> Privacy (Firefox). However, you should remember you will not be able to use certain functions of our website if you disable cookies. To obtain more information about how to change your cookie settings, see the "Help" menu in your browser.