About us

In 2004 was founded the GRUPO NOIVA, a company created and developed from the beginning in order to secure a leading position in providing Iberian bridal market. However the youth and dynamism of the undertaking's managerial staff, together with a broad overview of the bridal market focused on the company's activities for export currently featuring numerous points of sale distributed throughout the world, not marginalizing however the Portuguese market where brand is and will continue to make a difference.

In addition, the national and international growth seen throughout the company's life is justified also in personalization and quality of service that we present to our customers, providing the creation and development of strong and trustfull business relationships with our partners, resulting in the final in providing an excellent service through products GRUPO NOIVA to the final customer.

The focus on internationalization of its own brands has been from the beginning one of the main guidelines of the activity of GRUPO NOIVA, resulting largely on continued participation, throughout these 11 years, in several international meetings, being recognized the experience and the knowledge the company hold in the bridal market.

Creating, thinking of all, is one of the philosophies implemented in the company. To answer this, GRUPO NOIVA currently has three already signed own brands:

The bridal line consists of the collection Susanna Rivieri Sposa, inspired by the romanticism of the traditional bride but always characterized by its diversity, thus serving different kinds of wedding, from the most traditional to the most modern and daring. The stated range includes all kinds of cutting available and the variety of materials used: tulle, organza, chiffon, satin, consisting of embroidered and jeweled without forgetting the sophisticated touch of lace.
The ceremonial dresses, so important in those special days, are portrayed in our line Susana Rivieri Ceremony Donna, a embracing collection for all to find your ideal dress.

Lucciano Rivieri is the response of the GRUPO NOIVA to the growing sophistication and demand for quality desired by the couple of our days, is thinking of them that we design and prepare this our line of men's clothing based on more care and modern design.

GRUPO NOIVA keeps rituals, garments and celebrations, and with them, the need of the moment and the perpetuation of tradition it's only possible in GRUPO NOIVA